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Naked Charm

Naked Charm

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A classic, this everyday minimalist charm is ideal for customization. Choose a name or a date to be stamped on the front, back, or both. See our photos for inspiration. Please note that 5 extra business days are needed to complete your order.

The Golden Circle is a handcrafted brass charm designed to adorn your Prophsee Classic Journal. However, it can be used as a necklace pendant or any other use, the possibilities are endless!

The charm's diameter is approximately 2 cm, marked with a hammered texture.

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  • The Moon Symbolism

    The Moon represents the feminine energy and reminds us of the rhythm of time and the beauty of each cycle. When we're attuned to the Moon, we activate her innate powers and embody the qualities of wisdom, creativity, fluidity, and transformation.

  • Handcrafted with Love

    The charm is made out of a nugget of brass, thus highly durable. Due to the handmade nature of this product, each piece is unique. So please be mindful of its slight variations in shape and texture, they're part of our wabi-sabi philosophy — celebrating the perfection of the imperfect.

Why we love these Moon Charms