About us

Prophsee® is a stationery brand whose mission is to empower people to write their own stories through the practice of journaling. We craft elegant journaling tools based on positive psychology and also teach people how journaling can support you in living a more meaningful, intentional life.

With mental health issues on the rise, we’ve been conditioned to lookout for solutions outside our sphere of influence. While support is necessary, we believe in the power of self-therapy — when one becomes both the healer and the healed; the master and the student; the writer and the story.

For us, a journal is a soul script. Like your fingerprint, it's precious, unique, and it should reflect who you are. This is why we strive to offer customized options for you, whether you’re an individual or an organization, by adorning your journal with charms or create an entire journal from scratch.

We are based in sunny Lisbon and are passionate about the art of conscious writing. We value traditional binding and work with local artisans who gently handcraft our products. We package every order with care and use the friendliest possible materials to the environment.

If you'd like to learn more about us, come say hi on Instagram @prophsee. :)

Our story

Prophsee® was founded in 2020 by Ana Juma. She has been journaling for over 20 years and it is now her passion to share this magical practice with you. What started out as a secret tool to make sense of her own emotional whirlwinds, has become her full-time mission — empowering people to heal and thrive by putting pen to paper.

Juma has experienced first-hand the power of journaling as a self-therapy practice. In the journey of recovering from her own experiences with depression and anxiety, she realized that despite medication and counseling, to fully heal she had to walk through her shadows herself.

In writing, she has found the safe space to do so: dive deep into core beliefs that make up reality, express repressed emotions, and turn struggles into virtues.

In 2018 she launched My Life Journal and today she teaches journaling by hosting events across the globe, running private guidance sessions, and creating the journaling tools you find here at Prophsee.

Meet the team

Ana Juma

Founder & Visionary

Susana Pinto

Editorial Designer

Luísa & Marta

Jewellery Designer Team

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We are at Livraria da Travessa in Príncipe Real.

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