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Start journaling today

Prophsee is the first journaling app that teaches you how to level up your life through journaling.

Get to know yourself better

Journaling helps you reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your patterns.

Release everyday anxiety

Journaling can reduce stress and anxiety by providing a safe space to express and process your emotions.

Conquer the ritual of journaling

Our app is designed to help you cultivate the practice of journaling by giving you tips and tricks on habit-building.

Daily quotes

Begin each day with inspiration. Call upon the words of worldwide wisdom seekers to remind you of your limitless potential.

Journaling Journeys

Each journey is a course centered around different topics journaling can help you with, like  coping with anxiety and expanding self-awareness. You’ll be given access to daily guided journaling meditations.

Journaling Music

Get your writing juices flowing with background music designed to keep you calm and open for your journaling time.

Journaling Insights

Track your progress and celebrate your wins. The app measures how many minutes you’ve journaled after each session and how many days in a row you’ve put pen to paper.

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