Crescent Moon Charm
Crescent Moon Charm
Crescent Moon Charm
Crescent Moon Charm
Crescent Moon Charm

Crescent Moon Charm

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The Crescent symbol is universally used to represent the Moon, as the embodiment of the ever-changing natural cycle of all things on Earth. Adorn your journal with this charm as a reminder to stay connected with yourself and life's phases.

You can choose between Waxing and Wining Moon, see below the different meanings.

Waxing Moon (☽): From the new moon to the full moon, it represents Manifestation. It prompts us to reflect on how we can spark action from our intentions and turn visions into reality.

Waning Moon (☾): From the full moon to the new moon, it represents Healing. It's the time to surrender, rest, and embrace the end of a journey. 

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The Moon Symbolism

The Moon represents the feminine energy and reminds us of the rhythm of time and the beauty of each cycle. When we're attuned to the Moon, we activate her innate powers and embody the qualities of wisdom, creativity, fluidity, and transformation.

Handcrafted with Love

The charm is made out of a nugget of brass, thus highly durable. Due to the handmade nature of this product, each piece is unique. So please be mindful of its slight variations in shape and texture, they're part of our wabi-sabi philosophy — celebrating the perfection of the imperfect.



Gift yourself or someone special. Each charm comes in a smooth cotton bag with a handwritten love note. Personalize your message.

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