Back to Earth (Special Edition)
Back to Earth (Special Edition)
Back to Earth (Special Edition)
Back to Earth (Special Edition)
Back to Earth (Special Edition)
back to earth ana juma prophsee

Back to Earth (Special Edition)

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Back to earth is a collection of confessional poetry and prose that tells the story of undertaking the journey from heartache to self-empowerment. The book is divided into four chapters (Falling, Seeding, Rooting, and Sprouting), each reflecting the different phases of personal transformation, beautifully illustrated by Anamarie Rok.

In Back to Earth,Juma joins the discussion of women's reproductive rights and the importance of bringing mental health to the front line. Let this book be a reminder that you too can transform your deepest wounds into the greatest power.

Back to Earth is also available on Amazon.

Write a Letter to Your Grief

This special edition of Back to Earth includes a sheet of cotton paper infused with flower seeds

After writing a letter to your grief, soak the paper overnight, and offer it back to the earth by putting the paper into a pot with soil.

Water the soil with fresh water and make sure to keep it moist at all times. Place the pot somewhere bright and warm to grow.

The seeds of potential will start germinating soon and be turned into flowers. Remember, everything lost comes back in another form.

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