What if you could create your own journal?

More than encouraging you to find your journal at Prophsee, it's our mission to promote the practice of journaling worldwide. We want to help you making your own customizable journal by supporting you in each step of the process, all the way from the concept to the logistics.

See the conditions below and send us an e-mail with what you have in mind!

Our offer includes...

Concept & Content

We begin with the vision. Why are you creating this journal and to whom? From there, we begin to map out the concept and the journal's inside content.

Design & Production

From an idea to execution. In this step, we co-design your journal's layout and help you pick the materials based on your vision and your budget.

Storage & Shipping

Once your journal is ready, we can do a one-time shipping or offer you a drop-shipping model in which we send the journal directly to your customer.

For more details, email us at hello@prophsee.com

In case you're looking for customizing a Prophsee Classic (blank journal) with your logo, visit this page.