Prophsee is an independent journal and book publishing house that brings together a community of creative minds to express themselves through beautiful writing and reading experiences.

We craft elegant journaling tools based on positive psychology and also teach people how journaling can support you living a more meaningful, intentional life.

Each item is carefully crafted, designed, and selected to inspire your mind and surroundings. It is our passion to bring limited edition, high-quality products to everyone, as an invitation to spark the renaissance of flipping through the pages in a world where everyone is scrolling.

With mental health issues on the rise, we’ve been conditioned to look for solutions outside our sphere of influence. While support is healthy and necessary, we also believe in the power of self-therapy — when one becomes both the healer and the healed; the master and the student; the writer and the story.

We are based in sunny Lisbon and are passionate about the art of conscious writing. We value traditional binding and work with local artisans who gently handcraft our products. We package every order with care and use the friendliest possible materials to the environment.

If you'd like to learn more about us, come say hi on Instagram @prophsee. :)

Our story

Prophsee was founded in 2020 by Ana Juma. Keeping a diary from a tender age has encouraged Juma to explore writing as a vehicle of self-discovery, expression, and healing. What started out as a tool to make sense of her own emotional whirlwinds, it has become her full-time mission – to invite people to find their answers on paper.

Juma has experienced first-hand the power of journaling as a self-therapy practice. In the journey of recovering from her own experiences with depression and anxiety, she realized that despite medication and counseling, to fully heal she had to do the inner work herself.

In 2017, while working with Mindvalley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she decided to create a journal that encapsulates the best of her learnings in personal transformation and turned them into an everyday practice. One year later, she launched The Life Journal.

Today, she lives in her hometown Lisbon writing stories out of everyday moments and creating the journaling tools you find here at Prophsee.

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