5 Tips for My Life Journal Success

5 Tips for My Life Journal Success

Getting started with the practice of journaling can be challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start.

This is why we collected 5 top tips that will help you make the best out of your My Life Journal, so you too can design a life you love.

1. Get clear on your why

As Simon Sinek defends, starting with Why is acting with purpose and, at the end of the day, it’s what inspires you to do what you do. To explain the concept, Sinek has developed what he calls the “Golden Circle.”

simon sinek why

At the core of What we do and How we do, there’s the Why we do it. Rather if that’s your personal Why, your organization’s Why, your community’s Why, or simply the Why of your daily habits.

Once you know the Why, you’re naturally pulled by a force that empowers you to live with intention. You find your drive and you realize “I am the pilot.”

So now please let’s take a moment to reflect on this: What made you purchase your My Life Journal?

The answer may not be instantaneous, yet deep inside you know the Why.

Maybe it was because you want to start waking up feeling grateful; harness your creativity; achieve your life goals and create new ones. Or maybe you want to leave something behind for your children that tell your story and what you’ve learned and accomplished.

Because we understand its importance, we designed a section at the beginning of your journal to help you unravel the Why and to serve as a proof of the commitment you’re making with yourself and with the world.

my commitment journal

When times get tough and you don’t feel like sticking with this new, magical habit of yours, turn back to page 51 and remember why writing your My Life Journal is important to you.

2. Blend it into your day

Science says that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit.

This means that when you find the motivation to write in your journal every single day for almost a month, you create the habit and it becomes second nature to you.

To begin building the habit of using My Life Journal consistently, we’d recommend you to keep it somewhere you’re likely to see it. for example on your bedside table.

lila boutique canggu

Another technique is to set an alarm at the same time each time as a reminder to fill out your journal.

Keep doing this until your habit of journaling becomes part of your routine.

3. Be specific

It’s not always about what you write, but about how you feel when you’re writing.

The more specific you can get when writing in your journal, the easier it will be to connect with the emotion. And when you tap into that positive state, the more you’ll attract it. Remember, “where your attention goes, your energy flows.”

See the example below on how this principle can be applied to your daily gratitude practice.

my life journal gratitude

See what the 3 items have in common? You’re connecting it with the Why and with what you feel.

The secret is simple: the more you give to the journal, the more the journal gives back to you.

4. Be gentle with yourself

You may have days you don’t feel like filling out your journal. Yes, consistency is key, but we don’t need to be perfect.

be gentle with yourself

Credit: space-studios.com

When that day happens (it most likely will!), please don’t beat yourself up. Instead, remember to be kind to yourself — after all, you’re doing the best you can.

Go back to the “My Commitment” page to review why using My Life Journal is important to you.

5. Share your journey with someone

Accountability is key for achieving winning results.

You may write in your journal during your “me time”, however you’re not going through this journey alone. Just like you, many people around the world are facing the same challenges,

If you feel ready to embark on a transformational journey of personal growth and have Founder of Prophsee and journaling guide, Ana Juma, as your accountability partner, check out this page.


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