3 Easy Doodles For Your Creative Journaling

3 Easy Doodles For Your Creative Journaling

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Journaling is a great way to get in touch with your emotions and hidden feelings but it’s also a great tool for nurturing your creative spirit.  

We have already explored 7 science-based benefits of journaling, but you probably noticed people tend to express themselves differently than with just letters and words.

If your high school notebooks were full of doodles and colorful headlines you can try a more playful approach to journaling and infuse your pages with extra creativity. 

Taking a few minutes to sketch and doodle each day can help you stay relaxed and creative even though you feel like stress is creeping up on you.

The options are endless even if you’re just starting out and consider yourself as a creative journaling newbie. 

You can play around with different borders, text dividers, floral wreaths or even experiment with headline lettering.

Simple doodles you can easily copy in your creative journal:

#1 Floral Dividers

We love using these delicate and feminine dividers to separate text from the titles or divide different paragraphs in our journal.

Practice makes perfect so don’t worry if the first ones turn out a little bit funny — the goal is to relax and have fun.

Start with something simple like these freehand flower lines.

doodles creative journaling 

#2 Headline Banners

These are perfect to encircle and bring more attention to the headline of your paragraph.

You can use solid, dotted or wavy borders or give a try to this simple vintage banner. 

headlines boarders journaling


#3 Small Objects

You can use small doodles to visually mark activities and important ideas; helping them to quickly pop off the journal pages.

Here are some ideas for tiny object sketches you can use for your daily life.

journaling doodles


It doesn’t take much to infuse your journal with creative doodles.

All you need is a pen, a little bit of inspiration and some time to dive deeper into your creativity.

You can use these 3 ideas to kickstart your creative journaling path and decorate your bullet or art journals.

If you don’t know what journaling style suits you yet, you can always check our ultimate guide of journaling types to find the perfect match. But above all, have fun!


Are you just kickstarting your journaling practice? If so, download the free journaling prompts below! 

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